Divorce Agreement and Memorandum

The mediators in our firm write the Divorce Memorandum.

Your comprehensive Divorce Agreement and Memorandum will include:

  1. Legal custody of minor children
  2. Physical custody and parenting schedules (known as "visitation" in court)
  3. Child Support
  4. College costs, educational trusts, and custodial accounts
  5. Tax filing status and exemptions for you and your children
  6. Martial residence: buyout, transfer, sale, joint ownership, and tax issues
  7. Capital gains and other tax consequences upon sales and transfers of property
  8. Medical insurance coverage for children
  9. Medical coverage for an ex-spouse
  10. Life insurance coverage
  11. Alimony
  12. Self-employed, family, or other business
  13. Retirement/pension plans: 401(k), 403(b) TIAA-CREF, IRA, and other plans
  14. Brokerage, bank, and investment accounts
  15. Restricted stock, stock options, stocks, bonds, and life insurance cash surrender value
  16. Federal and State taxes
  17. Trusts: beneficial interests, irrevocable and revocable
  18. Investment/rental property
  19. Vehicles, house contents, and miscellaneous assets
  20. Liabilities: charge card debt, car loans and lease, mortgage and equity line, promissory note, educational debt, and all other debt